Best Places in Kauai that are Inaccessible by Foot

Some of the Best Sights to See Can’t Be Accessed By Foot.

Kauai is a dramatic and lush paradise, with waterfalls and mountains lining its coast. It is the oldest and one of the largest islands in the Hawaiian chain, because of this there is some diverse plant life…all in one place.

Waimea Canyon is arguably the most popular and picturesque attractions in the world. You may have found that Oahu focuses on urban entertainment and cultural attraction, Kauai is purely the land of adventure. Some of these include trips through the ocean just to witness the Na Pali Cliffs or helicopter flights to the gorgeous golden beaches.
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The island of Kauai can be toured in two full days: one day devoted to scenic sites that are located to the west of Lihue which curves up to Waimea Canyon. A second day can be spent on the road, which runs to the northern coast. That being said, most visitors spend more than just two days in Kauai. After all, the allure and spectacular adventure cannot possibly end in that short a matter of time.

Most of these places are inaccessible by foot, and are dangerous if you try to hike to them without experienced guides. You’ll need either a helicopter tour, or you can go out on a boat trip. Both will cost roughly upwards of $50, but you can always use an expedia promo code (we linked to a website that gives them out), to get these tours for cheap.

The Na Pali Coast

Na pali coast kauai

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This state park surrounds a remote area of Kauai with dramatic mountain scenery that has waterfalls, cliffs, and incredibly lush vegetation. The Na Pali coast in the Northwest region of the island is one of the non-accessible parts of Kauai.

The series of mountains, some of them going as up as 3938 ft, have a slope that plunges directly into the ocean. The beauty of it all can only be appreciated either from the water or from air. On the land-side are the incredibly steep valleys that divide the mountain crests. Plus, thanks to this seclusion, the place also boasts of a unique range of vegetation, which when together with the aesthetics of steep hills, waterfalls, caves, and mountains, makes for an intense layer of greenery on its own, and also leads to the sandy beach.

The best way to survey this area is by simply taking a tour via helicopter, or taking a boat around the coastline. Both of the choices offer excellent experience for the tourists.

For more info on The Na Pali Coast, click here.

The Waimea Canyon

This place stands as one of the most beautifully scenic canyons on the planet. It is deep with red soil, lush green jungles with a line of streams and waterfalls. And to top that, you might be captured by the view of black volcanic rocks behind a blanket of mist. Waimea Canyon has two main lookouts and some hiking trails that begin from the road along the rim.

View the State Parks website for more info on Waimea Canyon.

The Koke State Park

The Koke State Park is an extension of the Waimea Canyon and is referred to as the deepest part of the entire canyon. An interesting spot is the Kalalau Lookout which is said to provide a view of cliffs that rise over 4000 ft. along the Na Pali coast. This is the only place that you are able to see along the spectacular feature of the Kauai if you are on land. The cliffs are mostly always clouded with mist and the lookout is at the end of the road running through the park. Koke maintains have numerous hiking trails, most of which are spread out from the Koke’e lodge and natural history museum.

The Museum concentrates on the botany, wildlife, weather, and geology connected to the Waimea Canyon.

The Wailua Falls

This waterfall lies in a scenic place itself. The double waterfall extends 80 feet downwards from a rock face. Folklore mentions how the chiefs of Hawaii had to take the risk of jumping from the top and prove their courage and strength.

The Polihale Park

The state park is situated at the western end of the Na Pali Coast. From afar, you may not notice it covered in some greenery. The coast also has white sand beach and despite the beauty of it, all tourists are advised to always take caution as this remote beach area can be dangerous.


This place is located around the sunny south coast of the island where also Kauai’s finest beaches are said to be at. One urban development regulation states does not let buildings there to be more than three stories high, in order to preserve Poipu’s rural character.



Best Plane Tours in Kauai

Kauai receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year who go there to experience the beauty the island has to offer. There is so much to see in Kauai as it has a very diverse landscape. Some of the places can only be accessed via planes.

Places Only Accessible Via Planes:

The Na’Pali Coast has several waterfalls, beautiful vegetation and rocky cliffs. Some of the mountains in the area are as high as 4,000 feet and can be only be accessed by air. Another beautiful place is the Waimea canyon. The area’s landscape consists of red soil, beautiful jungles and waterfalls that look beautiful from up above.

Tips for Choosing a Plane Tour:

  • Make a safe choice
  • Learn about your seating arrangement beforehand
  • Get the booking done online in order to save time and effort
  • Time your tour
  • Know which islands are best for plane tours

Plane Tours in Kauai:

Here are some of the best plane tours in Kauai:

Air Ventures Hawaii

Air Ventures is one of the most popular air tour companies in Hawaii. They claim to have the following qualities:
They are eco-friendly and offer great value
They have special rates for groups
Their tours are comfortable and stable
They have photography tours
They have private charters available.

Here are some of their air tours:

Kauai Biplane Tours

The ride on the biplane (YMF-5 Super) is an unforgettable experience. It is perfect for a couple as it is designed for three people, the pilot and two passengers who get to sit in the cozy and comfortable open cockpit with a pair of goggles and helmet. The ride is for 70 minutes and takes off from the Lihue Airport that is located near the Gold Coast.
Passengers get to see beautiful sites like the Wailua River, Sleeping Giant, Keali’a Beach and to the Anahola mountain range. As the plane moves towards the north the passengers get to see the Kilauea lighthouse, Kilauea River, the beautiful Hanalei Valley and Mt. Waialeale Crater. The south consists of the Shipwreck Beach, Lawai Beach, Kipu Kai, Hanapepe Valley and the Waimea Canyon. Towards the end of the trip you will get to see the Polihale Beach, Cathedrals of Honopu’u, and the Kalalau Valley.

Private Kauai Air Tour

A lot of people opt for private Kauai air tour. You fly in Air Ventures’ C-182 airplane. The route is the same as the biplane’s but is more exclusive. It takes you to famous sites in Kauai and you get to hear narration about the area’s terrain, history and culture. The aircraft has the space for three passengers so the tour is great for a small party.

Wings Over Kauai

Wings Over Kauai is another famous name. It gives you tours of the beautiful landscape of Kauai. Be ready to see the Na Pali, the beautiful Hanalei Bay, the breathtaking waterfalls of the Hanalei Valley and the Mt Waialeale. Wings Over Kauai have experienced pilot who share the myths and history of every place they take you to. The company promises customer satisfaction and works hard to make the entire experience extremely memorable. Their tours are:

AirVan Grand Deluxe Air Tour

It is a 65 minute tour and the passengers will get to see the Hanalei Bay, Hanalei Valley Waterfalls, Jurassic Park Falls, Kipu Kai, Na Pali Coast, Wai’ale’ale Crater and the Waimea Canyon

The Cessna

This is ideal for couples as the plane carries only two passengers. The communication system helps the passengers to interact with the pilot and with each other. People claim to love it and report that the pilots are friendly and have a lot of information to share.

Kauai By Air

Kauai By Air is a flying company that offers airplane tours. The company also provides flight instructions to passengers have the chance to fly the plane next to the instructor. Their airplanes are specially made for sightseeing. They have un-tinted windows and no middle seats which mean everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful view Kauai has to offer.

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Helicopter vs. Plane Tours in Kauai

Kauai without doubt is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. The island has a rugged terrain which makes a big part of it inaccessible by foot. As a result, taking a sightseeing tour by air is almost a requirement when you visit Kauai.

The view of the island is truly breathtaking and it is a truly memorable experience to fly in the sky and see the beauty of Kauai also known as the “Garden Isle”.

The island is home to cascading waterfalls, soaring cliffs, sandy beaches, beautiful valleys, rugged canyons and a sea so blue that it will take your breath away. You will be able to experience all these things in totality, and will be able to appreciate their depth, beauty and color from up above.

Travelling By Air:

As you will leave the ground for the tour, you will notice a few familiar spots such as the hotel you are staying at and the shops and restaurants near your hotel. As you will move further away, you will be able to see the beautiful landscape that you can’t access via a vehicle.

Kauai is home to the beautiful canyons like the Waimea Canyon that has beautiful valleys that are rugged and red in color. You will also be able to see Mt. Waialeale crater that has several waterfalls. Other than this, there is the Na Pali Coast that has rocky cliffs and foamy waterfalls and the Hanalei Valley and its cliffs. You will also be able to see Kilauea light house and the Cathedrals of Honopu, both of which are popular tourist sites. The island really is a wonder of nature, taking a tour of it by air is an experience you will never forget.

Helicopter Tour Or Airplane Tour?

It is hard to choose between a helicopter and plane ride. During recent times, helicopter tours have gained immense popularity but the truth is that both helicopter and plane tours have their advantages and disadvantages. There are certain sites that you will be able to access only through helicopters but airplane tours are for you if you have a specific budget. Here is a comparison between airplane tour and helicopter tour.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tour is extremely famous and a lot of people Kauai just to experience this. A helicopter is much more compact in nature which is why it can get into places where airplanes can’t. Another advantage of travelling in a helicopter is that they can fly closer and give a better view of the scenery to the passengers due to their agility. Take the example of Mount Waialeale it is open from one side, where only a helicopter can go.
They are hardly affected by turbulence and can hover over a site for a few minutes unlike planes that keep moving on. Furthermore, some helicopters have tour guides that give information to passengers about the different locations. These are the reasons why helicopter rides has gained so much popularity over the past few years.
There are certain disadvantages of travelling via a helicopter. The first is that it has weight restrictions, so some passengers have to pay for double seats. Furthermore, sometimes children are not allowed to ride because of age restriction and safety issues (for open door flights). Lastly, helicopter tours are way more expensive than airplane rides.

Airplane Tour

Travelling by an airplane is a truly memorable experience since it gives a great view of the beautiful landscape of Kauai. Airplanes can take you anywhere other than a few valleys and waterfalls. The best part about airplane rides is that it is much more cost effective than helicopter tours. It is the perfect choice for big families who want to see Kauai by air, as airplanes can easily accommodate them at an extremely affordable price. Infants are counted as ‘lap passengers’ and travel free of cost.

The reason for the low price is that airplanes use up less fuel than helicopters which helps in saving money and makes the whole experience a bit more eco friendly. Furthermore, there are no age or weight restrictions which means anyone can fly freely. Another advantage is that air plane tours are noise free unlike helicopter tours.

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