Best Places in Kauai that are Inaccessible by Foot

Some of the Best Sights to See Can’t Be Accessed By Foot.

Kauai is a dramatic and lush paradise, with waterfalls and mountains lining its coast. It is the oldest and one of the largest islands in the Hawaiian chain, because of this there is some diverse plant life…all in one place.

Waimea Canyon is arguably the most popular and picturesque attractions in the world. You may have found that Oahu focuses on urban entertainment and cultural attraction, Kauai is purely the land of adventure. Some of these include trips through the ocean just to witness the Na Pali Cliffs or helicopter flights to the gorgeous golden beaches.
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The island of Kauai can be toured in two full days: one day devoted to scenic sites that are located to the west of Lihue which curves up to Waimea Canyon. A second day can be spent on the road, which runs to the northern coast. That being said, most visitors spend more than just two days in Kauai. After all, the allure and spectacular adventure cannot possibly end in that short a matter of time.

Most of these places are inaccessible by foot, and are dangerous if you try to hike to them without experienced guides. You’ll need either a helicopter tour, or you can go out on a boat trip. Both will cost roughly upwards of $50, but you can always use an expedia promo code (we linked to a website that gives them out), to get these tours for cheap.

The Na Pali Coast

Na pali coast kauai

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This state park surrounds a remote area of Kauai with dramatic mountain scenery that has waterfalls, cliffs, and incredibly lush vegetation. The Na Pali coast in the Northwest region of the island is one of the non-accessible parts of Kauai.

The series of mountains, some of them going as up as 3938 ft, have a slope that plunges directly into the ocean. The beauty of it all can only be appreciated either from the water or from air. On the land-side are the incredibly steep valleys that divide the mountain crests. Plus, thanks to this seclusion, the place also boasts of a unique range of vegetation, which when together with the aesthetics of steep hills, waterfalls, caves, and mountains, makes for an intense layer of greenery on its own, and also leads to the sandy beach.

The best way to survey this area is by simply taking a tour via helicopter, or taking a boat around the coastline. Both of the choices offer excellent experience for the tourists.

For more info on The Na Pali Coast, click here.

The Waimea Canyon

This place stands as one of the most beautifully scenic canyons on the planet. It is deep with red soil, lush green jungles with a line of streams and waterfalls. And to top that, you might be captured by the view of black volcanic rocks behind a blanket of mist. Waimea Canyon has two main lookouts and some hiking trails that begin from the road along the rim.

View the State Parks website for more info on Waimea Canyon.

The Koke State Park

The Koke State Park is an extension of the Waimea Canyon and is referred to as the deepest part of the entire canyon. An interesting spot is the Kalalau Lookout which is said to provide a view of cliffs that rise over 4000 ft. along the Na Pali coast. This is the only place that you are able to see along the spectacular feature of the Kauai if you are on land. The cliffs are mostly always clouded with mist and the lookout is at the end of the road running through the park. Koke maintains have numerous hiking trails, most of which are spread out from the Koke’e lodge and natural history museum.

The Museum concentrates on the botany, wildlife, weather, and geology connected to the Waimea Canyon.

The Wailua Falls

This waterfall lies in a scenic place itself. The double waterfall extends 80 feet downwards from a rock face. Folklore mentions how the chiefs of Hawaii had to take the risk of jumping from the top and prove their courage and strength.

The Polihale Park

The state park is situated at the western end of the Na Pali Coast. From afar, you may not notice it covered in some greenery. The coast also has white sand beach and despite the beauty of it, all tourists are advised to always take caution as this remote beach area can be dangerous.


This place is located around the sunny south coast of the island where also Kauai’s finest beaches are said to be at. One urban development regulation states does not let buildings there to be more than three stories high, in order to preserve Poipu’s rural character.



Best Snorkelling Spots in Kauai

The Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Kauai

Snorkeling is an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Not all locations provide the same snorkeling experience, and some are simply better than others. When and where you will snorkel will make a major difference in how much you enjoy the activity.
When it comes to snorkeling, Kauai in Hawaii is certainly a treasure trove for enjoying the underwater activity. The Hawaiian island nicknamed “the Garden Isle” contains a number of attractive snorkeling spots that offer plenty of fun and excitement to the vacationers.
Here, we have compiled a list of 10 best snorkeling spots that you can find in the island.

1. Lawai Beach, South Shore

Lawai Beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai. The beach contains Beach House Restaurant and Lawai Beach Resort. The restaurants offer excellent dining experience to the visitors. Just make sure to make reservations in advance to enjoy dinning in the restaurant during the night after snorkeling under water.

2. Lawai Bay, South Shore

Another great snorkeling spot in Kauai is the Lawi Bay located along the south shore. The place offers breathtaking snorkeling experience any time of the month. And watching the sunset in the horizon after snorkeling all day certainly provides a perfect way to end the day.

3. Milolii Beach, West Shore

Milolii Beach is not only great for snorkeling but also boasts of one of the two legal kayak landings in Kauai. Right after the underwater snorkeling adventure, you can enjoy kayaking along the coast for great fun and enjoyment.

4. Pila’a Beach, North Shore

Pila’a Beach is difficult to access as the bottom of the sea is rocky. It’s also not a good spot for swimming. Yet, the sparsely visited beach offers a relaxing spot for snorkeling. And the trail to the beach is rocky, that makes reaching the spot an exciting and adventurous experience.

5. Kipu Kai Beach, South Shore

Kipu Kai Beach located in the south shore in Kauai is only accessible by boat. Yet, it offers plenty of fun and excitement for snorkeling aficionados. The stately mountain ridge – known as the “Hoary Head” -frames the golden sands of the beach providing spectacular view for the visitors.

6. Koloa Landing, South Shore

Koloa Landing is a horseshoe based reef that boasts plenty of tropical fish and rich underwater life. The place was actually an old boat launch that is now used as a snorkeling and scuba diving spot. It’s certainly worth a visit due to its extensive and diverse underwater life.

7. Larsen’s Beach, North Shore

Kealia_Beach_snorkeling kauai

There are many great snorkelling spots along the Coconut Coast. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Larsen’s Beach is an undeveloped and remote beach that is located on the north shore of Kauai between Waiakalua and Moolaa Bay. The beach is approximately two miles long and is narrow. Still you will have a gem of a time snorkeling underwater in the beach.

8. Prince Kuhio’s (PK’s) Beach, South Shore

Prince Kuhio’s beach, also known as PK’s beach, is a favorite spot for surfers. The shore is narrow and small and not a great place for sunbathing. However, the water is calm making it the perfect spot for snorkeling enthusiasts especially during the winters.

9. Rock Quarry Beach, North Shore

Rock Quarry Beach is located in the North Shore near the Kilauea River. The beach is easily identifiable as it is located near the rock quarry. Although the place is no longer a functional quarry, the beach is certainly fun to explore by snorkeling underwater.
This beach is easily identifiable because of the nearby Kilauea River and rock quarry. It’s no longer a working quarry, but is still fun to explore. The beach has a large calm area which is great for swimming, but can be a bit murky.

10. Sea Lodge Beach, North Shore

Finally, Sea Lodge Beach in North Shore is a calm and private beach in Kauai that offers plenty of fun and adventure for snorkeling aficionados. The beach is also known as Kaweonui Beach and is located along the north shore in Kauai. Getting at the beach is adventure in itself as you have to track through half a mile of moderate and slippery trail. Once you arrive at the beach, you can lounge all day under the sun and snorkel underwater in the calm waters of the beach.
On a final note, make sure to read the safety instructions and equip the proper snorkeling gear before going underwater to enjoy the activity. Remember that Kauai can be a little more dangerous if proper safety instructions are not followed. But overall you are sure to have a quality, fun time enjoying snorkeling in Kauai.

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