Best Plane Tours in Kauai

kauai plane tours

Kauai receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year who go there to experience the beauty the island has to offer. There is so much to see in Kauai as it has a very diverse landscape. Some of the places can only be accessed via planes.

Places Only Accessible Via Planes:

The Na’Pali Coast has several waterfalls, beautiful vegetation and rocky cliffs. Some of the mountains in the area are as high as 4,000 feet and can be only be accessed by air. Another beautiful place is the Waimea canyon. The area’s landscape consists of red soil, beautiful jungles and waterfalls that look beautiful from up above.

While these plane tours can be pricey, they usually provide offer codes and deals that help you cut down the cost of your trip. Your hotel may also have special promotional pricing for selected plane tours as well.

Tips for Choosing a Plane Tour:

  • Make a safe choice
  • Learn about your seating arrangement beforehand
  • Get the booking done online in order to save time and effort
  • Time your tour
  • Know which islands are best for plane tours

Plane Tours in Kauai:

Here are some of the best plane tours in Kauai:

Air Ventures Hawaii

Air Ventures is one of the most popular air tour companies in Hawaii. They claim to have the following qualities:
They are eco-friendly and offer great value
They have special rates for groups
Their tours are comfortable and stable
They have photography tours
They have private charters available.

Here are some of their air tours:

Kauai Biplane Tours

The ride on the biplane (YMF-5 Super) is an unforgettable experience. It is perfect for a couple as it is designed for three people, the pilot and two passengers who get to sit in the cozy and comfortable open cockpit with a pair of goggles and helmet. The ride is for 70 minutes and takes off from the Lihue Airport that is located near the Gold Coast.
Passengers get to see beautiful sites like the Wailua River, Sleeping Giant, Keali’a Beach and to the Anahola mountain range. As the plane moves towards the north the passengers get to see the Kilauea lighthouse, Kilauea River, the beautiful Hanalei Valley and Mt. Waialeale Crater. The south consists of the Shipwreck Beach, Lawai Beach, Kipu Kai, Hanapepe Valley and the Waimea Canyon. Towards the end of the trip you will get to see the Polihale Beach, Cathedrals of Honopu’u, and the Kalalau Valley.

Private Kauai Air Tour

A lot of people opt for private Kauai air tour. You fly in Air Ventures’ C-182 airplane. The route is the same as the biplane’s but is more exclusive. It takes you to famous sites in Kauai and you get to hear narration about the area’s terrain, history and culture. The aircraft has the space for three passengers so the tour is great for a small party.

Wings Over Kauai

Wings Over Kauai is another famous name. It gives you tours of the beautiful landscape of Kauai. Be ready to see the Na Pali, the beautiful Hanalei Bay, the breathtaking waterfalls of the Hanalei Valley and the Mt Waialeale. Wings Over Kauai have experienced pilot who share the myths and history of every place they take you to. The company promises customer satisfaction and works hard to make the entire experience extremely memorable. Their tours are:

AirVan Grand Deluxe Air Tour

It is a 65 minute tour and the passengers will get to see the Hanalei Bay, Hanalei Valley Waterfalls, Jurassic Park Falls, Kipu Kai, Na Pali Coast, Wai’ale’ale Crater and the Waimea Canyon

The Cessna

This is ideal for couples as the plane carries only two passengers. The communication system helps the passengers to interact with the pilot and with each other. People claim to love it and report that the pilots are friendly and have a lot of information to share.

Kauai By Air

Kauai By Air is a flying company that offers airplane tours. The company also provides flight instructions to passengers have the chance to fly the plane next to the instructor. Their airplanes are specially made for sightseeing. They have un-tinted windows and no middle seats which mean everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful view Kauai has to offer.

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